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    clen's anticatabolic effect?

    whats up guys?
    i just have a quick question about clenbuterol and its dosage. i am about to finish a two month cutting diet and ive lost about 10 -15 pounds, not alot but ive kept most of my muscle. anyways after spring break ill be starting a mini-bulking cycle to get bigger for the summer. my question about clen is, after the bulk, would taking clen at a low dosage say 80mcg a day keep my body from catabolizing? im pretty lean right now so im not wanting to do the pyramiding up and down for 2 weeks( mainly i dont want the shakes, and constant sweating that my friends have told me about) so could i run a low dosage 80mcg a day 2 weeks on 2 weeks off, just to help perserve my muscle, while cutting for the summer? any knowledge on this would greatly be appreciated.

    justin g.

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    7,611 has several very good articles on clen that will answer your questions cuz i'm too lazy to type it out lol.
    Look under fatloss I think it's in there.

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    I am not a biochemist, but I did ask this question a while back. I was told that Clen 's anticatabolic properties are overstated.

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