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    Question Cycle advice- More info for you

    Whats up bros..

    I started a thread a week ago, and I screwed up and did not include enough info for you guys to offer advice on.

    Have got my gear and I think I'm ready to start now. Need some work on the diet, but I can iron that out.
    Just made some homebrew Fina, and I need some advice on how I should cycle my gear. I'm 6'4 245#s. Most recent cycle was Sust 250, and some EQ. Sust was 250mg, and EQ was I think 100 mg (very low dosage, was all I could obtain). Was not on this for long....

    My current pile of gear consists of QV Test E 250, QV EQ 200mg, Jurox? WV, and my homebrew Fina. Quantity is not an issue...Would like to c 265 to 275 #'s.

    All knowledge will be greatly appreciated. Also, does HCG serve the same purpose as Clomid for PCT?


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    Good info/background there... I would run it like this:

    wk 1-15 Test E 500mg
    wk 1-12 EQ 400mg
    wk 4-12 Tren 75mg ED
    nolva 10mg ED
    start pct 2 weeks after last test e shot (clomid plus 20mg nolva ED)

    If you feel comfortable (I dont know how many cycles you have done in the past) you can bump up the test and eq each by 100mg.

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    I like how Consistency broke it down.

    But on your second question, no HCG and clomid are two different things that serve two total different purposes. You only need HCG if you have an existing case of testicular atrophy or you are trying to avoid it. I would run HCG everyday at 500 iu's for the last two weeks to prepare for the clomid.


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    Do not run HCG with CLOMID or substitute it for clomid. You probably won't need the HCG if your running a cycle less than 14 weeks. Now, your first cycle to me was a complete waste. You need to run EQ for at least 12 weeks at 300-400mg. I would run the Test at 400-500mg a week. To be honest, Fina is nothing to fool around with, so for this cycle, I personally would leave it out. You don't need to run 3 compounds.
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    I'm on the same cycle right now Enan and EQ, both QV products....If i had the tren I would have done that instead of the EQ...that is just my adivce... to you..and I agree with buylongterm...this is your second up to three compounds....use the tren and the enan...

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    Many Thanks

    Thanks to all the bros who responded so quickly. Again, I failed to advise one thing aout my cycle history. My last cycle was, yes, a joke. I have done many others in the past. Aratest, Deca , Winny... Sust and Deca, Dbol , and Test E. Id the Tren somethin I can take later with just a Test compound? And also I did not see a mention of the Winny in there I think...

    Thanks again all !!

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