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Thread: Fina + Winny

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    Fina + Winny

    I plan on taking fina 75mg eod and 50mg winny eod for 6 weeks. I keep on reading that both of these should be taken everyday but that just seems excessive to me.

    1) Is their any reason why taking these two every other day wont produce good results?

    2) Will running the 50mg winny eod stop any prog gyno effects?

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    run winny everyday and add some arimedex, better safe than sorry. PM me for more on arimidex .

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    Taking them ED will give better results because it will keep an even concentration in the blood stream.Fina and Winnie have a short Half life, so it only remains in you for about a day, so taking them EOD will create peaks and valley's which is not the best environment for growth.When you say excessive, do you mean that's to much winnie and fina, or to many injections?You can drink the winnie if you must, and one needle a day of fina won't kill you...JMO

    Good luck...whatever you choose do!

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