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    Nolv&L-dex or Nolv & prov need some help deciding

    The cycle will be:

    500mg test E 10w
    400mg deca 10w

    I had a small scare on my last cycle(prop, tren winny) with gyno, nolv helped greatly. I dont want any other scares so iam considering

    nolv 20mg ed w 1-13
    prov 25mg ed w 1-13


    Nolv 20mg ed w 1-13
    L-dex 1 mg ed w 1-13

    i hav read days about both, and there seems to be some debate about gains with hindering the estrogen that much, i will go with being safe. I also want to keep bloat down, starting mid may. any help will be great

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    1 mg of liquidex is about as powerful as 100mg of proviron so if your scared of gyno run the liquidex. I run 20mg of nolv and 50mg of proviron myself. By the way you might want to extend your test one week longer to make your pct a little smoother

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