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    Nolvadex importance

    Just how important is nolvadex ? or any other anti-e?

    i've used propinate and sustanon with out any anti-e's and i never had the first sign of gyno. however i wasn't taking very high doses, 250mg of sust a week and 200mg of prop a week. Im going to start ethanate with fina and deca soon maybe 250 to 500 mgs of eth. a week. if i can take it with out side effect that would be great. But is too late too late? once i have sensitivity can i suddenly stop it with nolvadex?

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    First off you should not run fina and deca in the same cycle unless you dont like getting it up.

    Second anti-e's are a personal decision. I myself will never run a cycle without them but some feel they should only be taken when warning signs occur.

    With the cycle you propose you may want to pick up some bromo since that is the anti-e that fights deca and fina.

    Nolv is good to run with every cycle and thru post cycle therapy .

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