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    Afghanistan and gear...

    Hey guys.. any of you know how to get gear in Afghanistan? Im gonna be stationed there for a few months this year in Khabul and Im thinking serious muscle gains while Im there. Any idea of what is available there and at what prices??? Also, do they have t-3, clenbuterol , ephedrine etc..
    Any tips would be appreciated...

    Stay healthy, Reggie

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    well i dont know about in afgahn.....but if you can find a good european source and can receive paks without inspection....then that would be your best bet.

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    for the ephedrine, you should still be able to find pure ephedra bottles at your local private owned texaco.i went out and spent like 50 bucks from the indian guy at the texaco, and bought all the rest of his ephedrine, which will last me another 2 years or somethin.

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