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    Euro Pharm Sustanon and Deca

    I recently seen some Euro Pharm Sustanon and IP Deca 300 with Black and white writing on the bottles. Is this good stuff and why is there crystals forming in the bottle. How do i get rid of these.

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    Shake up the bottles or heat them up with warm(not boiling) water on the stove. The stuff should be good Euro Pharm is a remailer of **. Ask Billmister here for advice, he tried them before. Also go to the message board at and type in Euro Pharm, I'll think you'll be happy. The guy posted pics and said it worked well, just expensive.

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    Euro Pharm is ** but it's def hit or miss with his gear. Some rave about his stuff, and others would just assume shoot air up into their quads then deal with his stuff. So sorry to say it but ur gonna have to see for urself.

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