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Thread: Can u use..

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    Can u use..

    can u use insulin pins for sust, deca , and masteron when injecting the deltoid?

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    I think 1" in min. you should go with. 23G.

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    I have used slins for calves, biceps, triceps, delts and pecs. Just make sure the skin fold will allow you to get as deep as possible into the muscle. But yes it is BETTER to use a 1" for sites.

    Also used 29g.....gear-> eq, prop, fina

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    I was using 1 1/2" 24g for delts and never had a prob saying that though I will get some 1" for sites.I have a friend who has used 5/8" for biceps,triceps but his B/F is very very low.Is this a possibilty or was he winding me up? Kinda sounds too small

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    i ran out of 26gauge this wknd .so i had to try the 29 gauge insulin cause after 6pm in my city thats the only gauge you can way in could get the winny into my delt the plunger kept bending and the juice just would not flow....i cant see ever getting any oil base prod into the syringe

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    I guess you could, but IMO it hurts a hellovalot worse when it's not that deep in the muscle. I think you need to get the sauce deep in there, sust hurts to begin with so bury it.

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    The Iron Game Guest
    I mostly use either 25 gauge 5/8ths for biceps/triceps/delts or an insulin pin half an inch in length. Best things to use with the slin pin are prop, winny, fina but you can use anything through it. As jersey mentioned its better to go deep as it somewhat hides the pain some injectables cause.

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