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Thread: EQ/DBol Cycle

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    EQ/DBol Cycle

    How much can i expect to gain with 400mg/week of eq for 10 weeks and 30mg/day of dbol 6 weeks. I know many of you say you always need test but i have read many places that eq/dbol "will blow some size on you"

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    You might put on 15-20 pounds but without test i wouldn't expect to keep more than 7 pounds of that even with proper PCT.

    EQ/dbol alone WILL put some size on you, but whether or not it will stay when you finish is the main concern.

    do a real cycle and do some real research because it looks like you are getting your info from places that tell you what you want to hear.

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    Eq isn't a mass building drug. Gives you more of a lean gain.
    And the d-bol as you probably know gives you alot of water weight.
    You need to add test to this cycle.

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