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    Break this plateau

    O.K.....My intension at the first post was to blow relief pressure and to get some good information about some alternatives for breaking my plateau.
    The reason I'm not on the supplement forum is becuase each one of you has been in my situation one time or another so I'm sure I will be able to get legit answers.
    I'm 198lbs 5'11" and nicely cut with a few supplements, but unfortunatley I've been 198lbs for atleast 2 and half months. I've done about everything to break the plateau. Switching exercises, days, and workout intensity with no change.
    Currently I'm looking at Liposomal 1-test, Xenabol Drostanediol and M1T by VPX. Are any of you familiar with these? Are they worth paying a total of $300 plus so I can break this plateau.
    Each just seems there are 1000's of supplement companies out there claiming the same thing and I rather spend that much money on real gear becuase I know it would work but instead I'm stuck playing the lotto with these.

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    Food. If you stopped growing, start eating.
    Up your Calories by 750 or so for starters and go up from there. More Protein/Complex Carbs, & Simple Carbs directly after your Workout for recovery.
    Food is the biggest key to breaking Plateu's.

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    Don't buy VPX products, very overpriced. If you're looking into prohormones, anabolic minds has a lot of threads on better compounds like Methyl-1-test and Methydione.

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