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    This Sht For Real?

    I found this on another bb forum and would like to hear your input on it...

    "Everone Must read- The Ring Of Power- Estrogen Blocker/Testosterone Booster

    This is the best device for Increasing Tesosterone, erection strengthening, impotence, low testosterone , more blood flow and faster healing in my opinion. Everyone needs one, I wear it 24/7. This device cause 1 volt of electricity to flow around your entire gentile bunch. Companies commerical produce these for outrageous prices that do not even work as good and are not comfortable. If you dont like those stupid prices, pm and I can help you.

    The one at that web site only produces .12-5 volts and is very uncomfortable. The one I made produces .7-.8 volts and is way more comfotable and produces way faster and better results. I started to see changes in as little as a week, some people, only after 3-4 days.

    Electricity is widely used in medicine in one form or other. It helps body scans, assists bone healing and tissue regeneration and it retrains muscles. It can re-invigorate mind and body as well as stimulating blood circulation; and that is perhaps its most useful function of all.

    I t combats estrogen by keeping your natrual test up and prevents you from going out of balance. Which will combat and prevent gynocomastia and testicle atrophy. After my first cyle were I had to battle those with other drugs and failed. I did this and it equalled everything out for me. Now the cycle I am on, I dont have to take any arimidex , novadex, or clomid, or hcg , at all. My testicles are still huge and I have my natrual test rocking.

    It will raise you testosterone , make your Testicles bigger, make you produce more sperm, cum like Peter North, and increase your fertility rate. Give you a huge flaccid hang, rock hard erections, and prevent post orgasm shrinkage,. I think that it blows any pill or supplement out of the water.. Permanatly. It will do anything a pill will do, and 10X more, I have gotten greater growth from it and it has ever all given me greaters gains. It supplies your body with the Bio-Electric power that unleashes your own body's power and boots it greatly. Any pill or supplement that you can take will be nothing in comparison to what this can do.

    I have already received Permanent gains from the ring. My flaccid Penis is permanently bigger, I do not experience post orgasm shrinkage. My girth has pushed past 6" and stays the same even if I do no PE for weeks. My erections are just as strong with it on or with it off, and I can go days without wearing it without loosing effects. My semen production is huge, my loads are always above 15 times with or with out the ring because I have worn it so much.

    My Story
    I did steroids and a bad cycle at that and totally messed my whole body up, I got ball shrinkage to the max, tons of acne, and high estrogen levels because my body was not producing test or anything to lower the estrogen. I even had penis shrinkage due to the impotence I got from the low test and high estrogen, I could not get hard. I could not get hard. I was a total and complete mess for a year after I got of the cycle. I did not do good drugs like clomid, HCG or Nolvadex that messed me up even more. Lucky I found this ring and it has giving me back everything I lost, and a lot more than I ever dreamed.

    My testosterone has gone from went from 458nl to 954nl from a blood test results after wearing 1 month. My test skyrocked to higher levels than I ever saw, my estrogen went all the way down

    Now I feel like I am on a constant steroids cause I am getting more ripped and big than I ever did while I was working out 5-6 days a week for an hour a day lifting really heavy and hard with free weights and eating a clean diet. Now I work out 3-4 days a week with just 20-30 minutes of moderate weight lifting with my bowflex and look 100% better.

    I just have a great feeling all day. I feel good, great about life and am happier. My balls are big again, I have rock hard erections, I shoot Peter North Loads. When I cum I shoot about 17-20 times not I used to only be about 5-6. I can fill a whole shot glass. Have a nice healthy looking penis full of blood, and a big flaccid hang; I owe everything to the Ring of Power.

    I wear it all day, in the shower, while swimming, lifting weights. It never comes off and you cannot feel it."


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    I put it up there with roids on e-bay...crapola

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    What do you do put an electric ring around your sack?? This sounds ridiculous to me.

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    LOL, hey bro whats that little thing i cant remember called...hmmmm...hypothalamus gland?? is that located in your package??

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