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    First Cycle Eq. Do i have all the facts?

    Im 24 yrs old been strength training and keeping a proper diet since i was 21 yrs old. I have enough eq for 400 mg a week for 10 weeks and clomid for PCT which i understand needs to be taken 17-21 days after the last injection. The steroid profile on the site says decent gains can be expected but reading the posts everyone claims that eq only is not enough to expect any gains. Im expecting at least 10 lbs is this a reality with the proper traning and diet? are 21 gauge syringes what i should be using?any comments feel free

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    You need to run test in all your cycles...... If not when you get shutdown from the other AS' you will have nothing to keep you going and crashing.

    I would run EQ no less than 12 weeks

    21g pinz are big.

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    it would be better to run test with eq.
    being your first cycle why dont you go with test only?
    also, i prefer 23-25g pins

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