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Thread: 2nd Cycle

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    2nd Cycle

    Hey Guys Pls Help Me.
    Going To Take The Following
    Week1-5 Anabols Pinkies 7tabs At 5mg
    Week1-10 Deca400mg
    Week1-10 Suss500mg
    Week5-6 Winstrol 30mg
    An Will Have Noveldex Just In Case
    Will Take Clomid For 2weeks After Cycle At 50mg A Day.
    Then Will Take Hcg 1500iu A Day For Three Days.
    Wat You Think Pls Give Info On Estrigens Pls

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    looks good.. but the winnys are getting me confused.. way winny 2 weeks and att the same time with d-bols.. to much for the liver.. looks good, but skipp the winny.. won't to **** there !

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    I would change that up a bit for sure:

    wk 1-11 sust 500mg (split EOD)
    wk 1-10 deca 400mg
    wk 9-14 winny 50mg ED
    Nolva 10mg ED

    whats your exprience with anabols? Why are you only running 30mg of winnny for 2 weeks? You start pct 3 weeks after lat sust injection instead of 2 weeks. What is your cycle history, age, wt, ht, goals etc...

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