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Thread: Test E help

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    Test E help

    Have a Q for you bros. My buddy has started a cycle of QV Test E, and WV. He has not done anything in years, and is in his second week of 500 mg of E. He was going to do this for 12 weeks, but has blown up like a pig! He asked me about this, and when he should start his WV tabs. Should he spread the injections out further than 7 days, or cut back to 250mg per week? Any advice would be great. He said he will have to get something for H2O retention now. Would have been good to have on hand I told him, but hell he's only in his 2nd week! Please help.


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    run nolva @ 10mg/ed and l-dex @ .25 mg/ed throughout the cycle. He does have clomid for pct right? oh and drop the winny.

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    If he has to take the winny during this cycle, and I think he should drop it, but he could run it weeks 7-12 at 50 mg ED.

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    inject the test E 2x a week. 250mg each inject, Mon & Thurs.

    ldex @ .25mg/ed & novla @ 10mg/ed throughout the cycle.

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