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    Help/Advice 2nd Cycle

    My first cycle which was a year ago was a 8 week cycle first 4 weeks 25mg of D-bol a day and for 8 weeks 2 cc's of Test QV one cc monday one cc friday....i gained about 20lbs and kept 15lbs from this....i am looking to start a cycle on May10th and end June 28th so a nother 8 week cycle....i wasnt sure what to do. I want to gain weight so i figuared i would up the d-bol
    Week 1-4 40mg D-bol a day
    Week 1-8 Testerona 25,50 ? not sure if this would be good...i am looking to gain size but i want it so that if i get tested 2-3 months after the cycle is over i would pass a test...not really sure what to do?

    ?Would D-bol alone help me?


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    no dbol alone will not help you. Why dont you run test prop for 10 weeks at 75mg ED. Good solid gains and this way you can beat that drug test.

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