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    ? about ordering from suppliers

    I was looking at a few suppliers and they accept credit cards. I was wondering if that is normal that they accept credit cards? Have any of you ever used this method of payment for your source?

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    message me on that one.

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    I don,t like the idea of that - try to deal face to face if you can

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    I've had this handle for 4 years. You may want to add your last name to yours so there's no confusion between us.


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    Steroids are bad ummkay?
    check with the mods for a reference check. also go to some other roid sites and check there. check all the scam lists you can find...About the ccard didnt say exactly how you were paying. if they want the card number and info then i wouldnt trust that shit. if you mean paying with a ccard through paypal i say go for it. atleast there is SOMETHING you can do to get your money back through paypal if you get scammed, although not much. paypal will try to contact the payee and if they do not provide proof that they sent you the vitamins then they will not allow them to collect from anyone else until they either send or give the money back...BUT...Whenever you are talking about contracts, they become immediately void when the legality of them is not legit...I.E. buying illegal vitamins! So just check with a mod...If you dont feel comfortable with your source then i wouldn't send money any damn way.

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    I know one source who takes credit card and im sure there is more. No its not normal but as the competition increases so do the methods of sales suppliers use. A few years ago it was strictly western union, now its paypal, western union, moneygram, cash, credit card and the list will grow. Make sure your source is known to be legit and you should be ok.

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    The iron game is right about ordering I have seen it done like this with other suppliers

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