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    Question I-TU with Methyl-1-test

    I have a few quick questions and i know u guys are really knowledgable. I recently took mag 10 and was pretty happy with the results(7lbs in 2 weeks) but i was reading the forum and saw that people say to take 1-TU instead that its alot better. Well i was thinking about taking that and Methyl-1-test wondering if that was good or if you had another stack (that envovled 1-TU) and if so dosages and all that good stuff will be helpful. Thanks

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    first off you may want to try a supp forum, secondly, 1-tu and M1t are the same thing...they are 1-testosterones, a DHT derivative, stacking them does not make sense. M1T is a 17AA and is far superior to the undeconate ester attached to the answer is that it is not a stack, and if you dont run a test or a 4-ad you gonna be in for some terrible sides, such as decreased sex drive, terrible lethargy, and limp yourself a favor and do some more research before you screw yourself up.

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