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    WInny Fina and DECA cycle

    My friend is currently on a deca 200mg and winny 50mg EOD cycle. I was wondering if adding fina would be alright. he's worried about progestorone and bitch tits. but if he takes arimidex and winny should he be fine, because winny is antiprogestorone right? should he run arimidex all the way through.

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    arimidex will do nothing to prevent gyno from progesterone, and winny has never been proven to do so either. I would say no to the fina.

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    I know there is no Proff that winny helps with proge. sides but last time i took a50 i used winny as well and felt much better than i have before using a50 without it... should have been something else, but i think it does help.

    Now for your cycle, i would add some test in there, deca + fina will KILL your wood

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