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    Tren Cycle Critique

    Ok guys, I have done my research and I just wanna know all opinions on my next cycle. Rip it apart if you wish, I just want the best results for my next cycle.

    Here are my stats:
    Age 23
    Height 5'9
    Weight 202
    Bodyfat around 13 - 14%, I plan to be around 12% before the start of the cycle
    Working out for about 6 years
    Have about 5 cycles under my belt, all properly done and approved by fellow members and have been off steroids for about 8 months now so expecting to explode on this one.

    wks 1 - 10 Ethanate 500 mgs/wk
    wks 3 - 10 Tren 75 mgs/EOD
    wks 1 - 10 Arimidex .5 - 1/day (not sure of the proper effective/healthy dosage here guys so please help, never used arimidex before)

    For PCT I was just going to continue on with the arimidex instead of going with the usual clomid, should I incorporate the clomid instead? What should my dosages be on the arimidex during PCT, this is the only thing I am not familiar with.

    Then at about wk 12 I was going to run 2 wks of clen at around 5 - 7/day, take 2 wks off, then repeat it once more in order to help me maintain my gains more effectively.

    How does this cycle look? As I said please feel free to rip apart to shreds as I want to get the most out of this. I need the most help on the use of arimidex as I have never used it before and not sure on the dosages, so any feedback on that would be even more helpful.

    In addition, any information on what OTC supplements I should make sure to use I would like info on as well as this is often overlooked. I take ALA with every cycle, but what about the need for Milk Thistle no anything else I may be forgetting besides of course the protein shakes.

    Thanks uys for the feedback, Just trying to gain all the knowledge possible.


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    Don't end the fina with your test. Run the test past the fina to help with recovery. I would use Clomid / Nolva / Arimidex (L-dex) for PCT

    wks 1 - 12 Ethanate 600 mgs/wk
    wks 1 - 10 Tren 75 mgs/ED
    wks 1 - 14 Arimidex .25 ED
    wks 1 - 14 Nolva 10mg ED

    Start PCT 2 weeks after last Ena injection
    Day 1 300mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva / .25mg Arimidex (L-dex)
    Day 2 - 30 100mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva / .25mg Arimidex (L-dex)
    Day 31 - 37 20mg Nolva / .25mg Arimidex (L-dex)

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    Thanks for the reply. Well I wasnt planning on going that high in dosage for the Tren , I have always been a moderate to safe user, will I still see results if I go with the 75mg EOD or even 100 mg EOD? I really do not want to take then Tren ED.

    I will follow your advise and run the test 2 weeks past the end of the tren though. I also did read that you should take the Nolva AND Arimidex at the same time for anti-e protection, at those dosages I should be fine for protection against gyno right? I feel I may be prone to gyno, but with that dosage of both I should be fine right? And that PCT is perfect for this cycle correct?

    I also will run the PCT exactly as you have perscribed.

    Thanks again.

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