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    possible cycle, need help

    could someone please post a good 8-12 week cycle using test prop, deca , hgh, and clomid, i have done reseearch and think that 200-250 mg of deca a week and eod 50-75 mg of test prop, end it with hgh, then two weeks after start clomid for a total of 36 tabs, any possible cycles with these ingredients that you may find helpful or good for a first timer, i would much appreciate it, i only want to use once and see how it is and these are what i found would b best after research,

    im 5"11, weigh 164, 22 yrs old, work out 5 times a week, eat well, and have cut down to like 12% body fat naturally from 16% in about two mnths since i have beeen hittin it hard, please post possible cycles of the above mentioned gear , thanks

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    Bro I dont think you need the HGH.

    Run test prop at 100mg/ED for 10 weeks and Deca at 400mg/week. Maybe for a first timer it might be better to run test enan or test cyp...less injections.

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    i would run a longer ester test with the deca to minimize injection frequency.

    i wouldn't run the deca less than 300mg.

    also, i would make sure you understand the effects that progesterone has on prolactin levels and total free estrogen present in the body since it seems many people are surprised that nolva will not help their deca/fina induced gyno symptoms.

    at 22, are you really ready to start doing this?

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