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    Question sust. 250, deca 300, stanz. winstrol,& clomid

    What's up fellas?

    I am ready to start my cycle of sust.250 (which I have 20 amps), deca 300, 50ml of stanzanol (winny), and clomid. My question is how many mg a week of sust. and deca. And I heard to mix the sust. and deca together. Do you mix it in the same syringe? And how many weeks into this should I start the winny. I would probally prefer to shoot that too, but I also heard you can drink that too. Last but not least when should I take the clomid and how many at once. Thanks in advance for the info.


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    No offense, but I think you're still a little small (I looked at your profile) for AS, but its up to you. I think that with a proper diet you'd be able to put on a lot of weight naturally. Here's a sample cycle anyways because I wouldn't want you to do it the wrong way.

    Week 1-7 500mg Sust, 300mg Deca
    Week 8-10 500mg Sust, 300mg Deca, 50mg ED or EOD Winny
    Week 11-12 50mg ED or EOD Winny

    On the first day of week 13 take 300mg Clomid, then 100mg ED for then next ten days, and then 50mg ED for the next ten days.

    You need Nolvadex or something comparable too.

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    Yep! just like Excess has laid it out for ya.

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