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    do antibiotics counteract steroid effects

    i'm currently taking a cycle of deca and test. i have come down with a sinus infection and feel awful. i have been taking over the counter medicine but am not feeling any better after 5 days. i'm about to see the doctor. is it okay to take antibiotics while on this gear? will this hurt my gains or take away from the effects of the steroids ?

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    Ive used minocin which is an antibiotic for acne while ive been on and it didnt harm my gains at all. I think you should be ok, Bump for more opinions

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    In general, no. Some say that because many antibiotics inhibit protein synthesis, this will be counterproductive to a BBer. What people fail to understand is that antibiotics (the ones that inhibit protein synthesis) inhibit bacterial protein synthesis not your protein synthesis. The two are completely separate. Humans don't use bacterial ribosomes, which are what many of the antibiotics are targetting.

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    i have heard that ibuprofen can be counterproductive, but there really isn't much research on this.

    different drugs have different interactions and some of these could be good or bad synergies depending on how your body is chemically composed.

    regardless of their function, i do believe that antibiotics could produce some kind of interaction inside the body.

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