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    3rd Cycle " Please Critique "

    I will be finishing up my second cycle in about 5 weeks. I want to get the gear for my 3rd cycle now, but I am not going to start it for about 3 months.

    Here is my last cylce:
    wk 1-12 deca 300-400 mgs
    wk 1-14 500 mgs of sust.
    wk 12-16 50mgs winny ed
    Pct 1 day after winny

    Here is my 3rd cycle
    wk 1-6 30-40mgs Dbol
    wk 1-12 400 mgs Deca
    wk 7-13 750 mgs Test E.
    PCT wk 15-18 ( nolvo, clomid 300, 100, 50 )

    What do you think? Also, do you think EQ would be better than the deca. I am mainly concerned with size. I want to gain as much possible and keep it. Is the EQ better.

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    theres no better mass drug out there then deca , so stick w/ that. Eq is a great drug no doubt but it doesn't compare to deca when it comes to putting on size.
    I would cut the dbol down to 5 weeks max, if not 4 weeks. I find that I don't gain much off dbol after 4 weeks.
    You need to start test right out of the gate. I don't know why you wouldn't unless that's a typo. Also 750mgs for a 3rd cycle could be overkill, maybe drop it down to 500, but if you feel your ready for 750mgs per week then go for it...listen to your body.

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    Looks good.

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    MBaraso pretty much covered it! Not sure why you put down two different dosages on the dbol , pick one and run it for the four weeks. Your profile says you are at 195lb, and you didn't mention what your first cycle was so like MBaraso said, you may be able to drop the Test down some. But please run the test from the beginning of your cycle!

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