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    Not gaining weigth, in 8th week....

    i'm in my 8th week of dbol /test/deca cycle. I went from 168-170lbs to 185-186lbs. I haven't gained any weight for the last 10 days. I am going to run my cycle 12 weeks, and was wondering if i am able to gain any more weight? or is my body not going to let me?

    My diet is in check. 5000+ cal/day 300p/120f/600c
    Workout intensity is great
    Strength increase is awsome! Bench went from doing 195x5 to 240x5

    What you think? should i keep running like i planned for 12 weeks?

    Can i expect any more weight gain?

    Can i trick my body by messing with my diet to make me gain more weight?

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    I would continue as planned bro...maybe you need a day or so to rest up the body, it's still possible to overtrain on gear...check your resting body temp and let me know what it is?...take it first thing in the morning before your feet hit the floor, for 5 can get a digital thermo for $10.00.

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    I think you have made incredible gains, almost 20lbs, how much of it do you feel is water. If its very little then you may end up keeping 15lbs of lean mass and thats pretty good for only 12wks!!!

    If your just looking for pure mass then start uping the carbs and some fats, sure it'll increase bf%, but you should be able to lean down pretty easy when the time comes for it. Good luck.

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    185 lbs and 5000+ cals a day? And you can't put on weight?


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