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    how does this look for me?

    lately i have been trying to think of a good strength cycle to do and one that may cut me up to, im about as big as i want to be. i'm 5'5" and 160, pretty low bf, im guessing 11%, don't mind gaining a few pounds as longs as i dont get over 170 and dont mind losing a few as long as i dont go below 150( i know i know, a bit of weight to play with, but what ever i feel strongest and most competitive at), im a competitive weightlifter( the lifts in the olympics). i want awsome gains and ones that will stay with me when im off( and yes i am aware that i might loss some of those gains, but as long as i and up from where i used to be).

    So here is what i am thinking of doing
    1)anavar 50mg/ed for 10 weeks
    2) fina, (but not sure how much and for how long, so need help with this one. what should i do, the injectable or the rubbing on the skin( which gives better results) , and also if the injectable can be done orally to, just curious, and one last thing, what should i do to keep my kidneys in good shape, i assume drink a lot of water.
    thanks guys

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    I don't agree that liver toxicity is really a concern on only 50mg/day of Oxandrolone. I am using that now with tren and test and my liver values came back last week just fine. I am using Tyler Liver Detox with it and that makes a difference too. You will really like that cycle.

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