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Thread: minimal sides

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    Post minimal sides

    I had a previous post about PCT. I appreciate all of the feedback. Most were recommending I include test in my proposed cycle. Quick history:

    31 yrs old 5'8" 167 @ 14 %bf

    Trained most of life for athletics. Was able to stay in relatively good shape without much detail to nutrition (no anabolics). Experienced a serious illness about a year and a half ago. Went from 167 lbs 9-10% bf down to 150 lbs, 14-15% bf. A year after my illness, I ut most of my weight back on up to @165 but, @15-16% bf. I now understand the importance of eating. Before I was able to eat what ever I wanted with out adding the adipose. It is a different story now. Tried a very mild cycle about 4 months ago (winstrol 40 days 100 mg eod followed by 20mg of anavar 40 days w/ 80 mg clen eod). Got up to about 175 at peak and nice gain in strength. I did not get the most out of it because I came down with the flu for weeks 4 and 5 (minimal eating, no training!) So, I lost some significant training and eating time right when I was feeling the Winny. My strength definetely went up and I have been able to hold on to most of that strength. My squat is still continuing to climb without the anabolics.

    I understand that a lot of you are looking for some serious size and even competing. I can appreciate that and want to wish everyone the best of luck with thier fitness goals. As for myself, right now, I would be content at about 180, 8-9% bf. I'm not looking to do this in the shortest amount of time. I would like to think I have some good years ahead of me to reach this goal. I now understand how important "eating" is to making gains. But, I would still like to get some anabolic support to reach my goals. Minimizing side effects is of ut-most importance to me. This is why I have chosen my next cycle: 8 weeks winny, up to 300 mg/week with primobolan up to 300mg/week, followed by Clen. This stack seems to be a popular cutting cycle but, I think with enough protein/calories I can put on some lean mass that should remain after it is complete. I was considering following the cycle with a little clomid to help retain the gains I get. Any comments/suggestions regarding my approach to fitness goals are greatly appreciated. Once again, minimizing side effects is most important to me (gyno, hairloss, acne). Thank you for you support.

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    this is the most mature post i have seen in a long time, so you get my kudos.

    if you know your primo is legit then you can use it, but i would use test prop alongside the winny as i have always had good results from that stack.

    your goals are definitely attainable in the future, and it is good that you recognize how crucial diet is to the overall picture.

    prop/winny will have minimal sides and no water retention and will start you on your way. also, when i have ran winny in the past i find it better to run it 50mg/ED because i hate any type of fluctuations that aren't necessary.

    stick around and post your training schedule in the workout section and we can also help you fine tweak your diet.

    once again, a post like this that has some thought and research behind it is a model for all you rookies to emulate.

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    great post.... i as well have had success with prop and winny. sounds like your on the right track


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    Yes it is a very mature post...

    if you are worried about hair loss... forget the winny... it hardens muscles..
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