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    Winny from UG lab

    I got some winny from this UG lab and I know it is good but I am just wondering if all of the powder ever fully disolves in the liquid. I am wondering if there is going to be a mass of powder at the bottom of this vial when it is empty. If so what do I do with it? I hate to see it go to waste. Also it is supposed to be 50 mg/ml, now if there is that much powder out of solution wouldn't that mess up the dosing per ml? And finally when I shake the vial up before drawing it into a syringe the solution is white. However, when I draw it into the syringe it is rather clear and very little of the undisolved powder is present. I am asuming this is as it should be since it would be hard for the powder to pass through the needle. Or should I be using a thicker needle so that more powder gets in there? Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    You just got to shake it well before drawing each time. Water based winnie is different than other oil based steroids and needs to be shaken well or it will settle each time. Test Suspension is the same way.

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