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Thread: Cycle Help?

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    Question Cycle Help?

    I had gotten a cycle I am thinking of taking and just wanna know if you guys (and ladies) can tell me what kind of results I can expect. I I am currently 6' 275lbs with probably around 25%bf maybe a little higher. I have been lifting for about 3 years so i am not knew to it. Can you guys just let me know exactly what I can expect with this cycle when it comes to losing fat? building muscle? will i see more definition? let me know Thanks!!!

    Week 1-4 50 mgs/day testosterone propionate (someone told
    me I should take this 100 mgs/week) help??
    Weeks 1-10 400 mgs /week testosterona 200
    Weeks 1-10 mgs/week EQ
    Weeks 8-13 50mgs/day Winnie D
    Novladex for 10 weeks
    And then Clomid at the end.

    Big Kev had given me this cycle and everyone I had talked to about it said it was awesome and would definately work. I just wanna know what I will see. Thanks!

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    JJ is absolutely correct. Given your stats this cycle is not what will make you more defined. Your diet and training will. Particularly the cardio. Making up a cycle like you have there is great at 15% to help you get to 10. But at 25% the other things are much more important. This is not to say they aren't at 15% just that it's compounded at 25%.

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    The only thing I can see is maybe using arimidex instead of novladex @ 0.25-0.5 mg ed depending on how prone you are to estrogen related sides.

    That is an awesome cycle. Train hard and eat rright. Good luck!

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