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    Prop, dbol, and Deca. Cycle help?

    I was going to do this:

    wk 1-6 35mgs Dbol
    wk 1-12 400 mgs Deca
    wk 1-13 600 mgs Test E.
    PCT wk 15-18 ( nolvo, clomid 300, 100, 50 )

    But I would like to use the prop. instead of the Test e. Less water retention and from what I hear overall better. Plus I like the idea of site injection EOD into my weak muscles or muscle I want to build up. Is it a bad idea to switch. I would like to keep the dbol in even though the prop acts so fast. Is that a bad idea. What do you guys think?

    I don't start the cycle for a while but i want to do it right...

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    I would keep it the way it is. The dbol will bloat you and your not running a cutting cycle. Site injections are contraversial on whether they work or not. The dbol is also being run to long. I wouldn't go above 5 weeks.

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    Site injections don't work, they only temporarly break the fascia of the muscle making it look bigger. Bigcat talks about it here:

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