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    Opinions on this cutting cycle.... thanks

    Hey, going to start cutting probably next week. I'm 6 feet, 228 lbs. bf probably between 8-9%, want to get it down to 4-5% or so. I've already been using about 1000 cyp/week, and 600 deca /week for the past 8 weeks, so I have a reasonable frontload going into this....

    Weeks 1-10
    Fina 100 ED, Cyp 600/week, Equipose 750/week, winny 50 ED, 20 nolva/day
    also clen ramping up and down 40-160mcg/day and t3 about 3-4 weeks in @ about 50mcg/day ramping up and down.

    My diet will be CKD, although i won't be adding carbs every 5 days, rather, every 11-12 days or so for my load. I've done CKD before and this worked better. Macrobreakdown will be like this 15-25g carbs, 200g protein, 180-200g fat.

    Will add probably 30 minutes of cardio 5 times a week and train bodyparts more frequently with a less total volume.

    any thoughts....?

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    cycle needs a lot of work, dosages are off and weeks need to be adjusted

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