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    Had 30ccs of 50mg winny now got 20cc's of 100 mg???

    The last 6 weeks of my friends cycle was lookin like this

    test 400 mg/w
    winny wk 5-8 50 mg eod
    winny wk 9-10 50 mg ed

    he has just found out his bottle of winny was a fake and quickly picked up a new bottle ( he hadn't started the other bottle hes only on wk 2 right now) his new bottle is 20 cc's of 100 mg per cc which means he has 500 mg more than the other bottle. Our questions are should he be shootin 100 mg eod or half a cc everyday meanin 50 mg ed.

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    I'd go 50mgs ed bro 1/2 cc ed
    for the last 6 weeks of his cycle

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