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    Ordering anti-e's online.

    Starting my spring cycle soon. Already got ahold of clomid, just needa get some nolva and ldex, and maybe some clen . I've seen a few sites that allow you to order them from pharmacies(mexican). Is it legal to order these things and have them sent into the US? Or do I risk having my package siezed? Thanks.

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    dont order them from a pharmacy

    there are lots of good research sites out there you can order from that will not get siezed

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    They are legal to import into US - will not be seized. But the package will probably get opened if it is foreign express mail - mine was. BTW Clen will be seized. It is on the list of banned substances but not a controlled substance.

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    I ordered nolva and clomid from online pharmacy, no problems, cheap too

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    NICEY Nice I like to hear that cause I just ordered some anti-e's from Mex and after the order was placed I started to bug out a lil' wondering whats going to happen but I guess I got nothing to worry about. Let ya know when I receive

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