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    need some help (cycle question)

    hey guys im new! i like it here! i just have a question about my cycle that i will be starting in a few weeks when my gear gets here ! hopefully! im going to be doing the infamous deca /dbol stack this is only my 3rd cycle and the first was oral only so that really doesnt count, but anyways, im going to be doing 30mg/ed of dbol for the first 6 weeks and going 300-400mg deca for the whole 10 weeks. im not sure when to start taking the nolvas, i thought it was the last couple weeks of the cycle but thats y im asking. and as for the clomid, i know you should start it the day after your last oral and a few weeks after the injectables like deca due to the longer half-lifes. but do i start clomid after my 6 weeks of dbol or do i wait after im done with both. i dont know if i will have a crash comin off the dbol? i had a little problem with fat storage after last cycle in my pecs, and they sag a little now, so if you guys could help me out to avoid this again and maybe correct it, i would appreciate it much. thaks for your help AR gang!

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    Throw the deca out. Use only enet or cyp e4d at 250mlgs. You do need to do some research on first cycles.

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    You will need some sort of Testosterone if you like having sex.

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    "the infamous deca /dbol stack" ... what the fucck. This is not a stack nor is it infamous. You need to add some sort of test in there no matter what!

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    bro like everyone said you need some sort of test....drop the deca and get some test, youll be happy you did...good luck...

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