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    Weak immune system.........

    I'm constantly checking back with the board here, and yet again I'm in need of some advice. My problem is that I have been sick for a total of three weeks now. (a cold for two weeks and fine for two days and now a throaght infection). My body seems to be very weak as I never get sick, and it is taking along time to recover.
    I'm taking 400 mg of nandrolone phenylpropionate
    200mg of eq
    200mg of fina
    a week also cycling clen .
    I feel stong but I'm sick and wonder if there is anything that will boost my immune system. The doctors won't take my tonsils out cause of the meds I'm on. WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS?
    Thanks for your time and knowledge!

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    Re: Weak immune system.........

    Originally posted by IronRuffy
    I feel stong but I'm sick and wonder if there is anything that will boost my immune system . . . WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS?
    I'll give you one option that I'd recommend highly: bed.

    Seriously, bro, the strains of this year's colds and flu are a bitch-and-a-half. (I was caught by a hefty cold for a few weeks myself, much longer than the normal variety, and so were lots of people I know.)

    The question is, if you're on a current cycle, are you also working out? If so, there's your problem in a nutshell. (Or, if you're bulked, two nutshells.) When we get a cold or flu, we're supposed to slow down. You know the rap - give your body time to recoup itself, don't lessen your resistance further, blah-blah-blah.

    As a general rule, I've found that the colds that last the longest occur when you get them and you don't give your bod a rest, continuign instead to push it - maybe less than you would without a cold, but still too much with one.

    IronRuffy, you mentioend that the doc won't take your tonsils out because of the meds you're on. There are a few hidden implications there. When you say meds, are you talking about your cycle, or does the doc have you on otehr meds? Also, do you have tonsilitis? If so, that's not just a cold - tonsilitis is usually a bacterial infection, and they won't take them out until the infection is healed.

    As for boosting your immune system, I hate to say it, bro, but rest will do that better than anything. The biggest challenge - and teh most frustrating for any lifter - is not to work out when you're used to doing so. But taking some time off to heal will help you recover quicker and without making the damn symptoms linger on longer than they should.

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    start taking eucanecia its known to boost your nat.immune system.

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    I had my tonsils removed a couple years ago.


    I don't regret taking them out cause like you I had chronic tonsilitis and was getting sick once or twice a month and antibiotics were not doing the trick any more.

    That alone is a huge strain in your inmine system that is constantly fighting your throat infections plus the flu season infections.

    If you decide to have them remove do it. It hurts. But, I barely get sick anymore from my throat.

    Take LOTS of vitamin C (1000mg every hour) and lots of liquids and of course, like TNT said, REST.


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