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    female cycle help

    a female friend of mine(whos already in good shape) wants to get in the best shape of her life this summer. it seems the obvious choices are oral winstrol , anavar , and equipose, all at low doses. this would be her first cycle and i've done some reading as to what types of doases woman usually take regarding these substances. i was courious if anyone could tell me if they seem somewhat on point, and also what would a cycle length be for a woman useing one of these substances. for example i've read a dose of 10-15mg every day of anavar is good(being her first time i'd assume10 would do fine) how long do most woman run a var cycle? winstrol say 10mg a day but for how long? same for eq, i've read any where from 50-100mg every week. yet i know guys run long 12-16 week eq cycles is this advisable for woman as well? any help is appericated in this thank you in advance. and also i just thought is there PCT for woman? if so what the hell would they take?

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    I would ask this on the female forum.

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