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    Clen and t3 fat loss cycle question..

    Hey im a completley noob to anything AS so i have a few questions..
    in the beining of may 1st to june 30th i want to run a Clen (2 weeks on 2 weeks of) and t3 all they way through.. curently dieting and lost about 20 lbs. but i just want to a quick solution prior to my trip to mexico.. i read a few articles about it and decided to do something along this outline...

    Clenbuterol T3
    Day 01 50mg 25mcg
    Day 02 75mg 50mcg
    Day 03-10 100mg 75mcg
    Day 11 75mg 50mcg
    Day 12 75mg 50mcg
    Day 13 50mg 25mcg
    Day 14 50mg 25mcg
    Day 15-30 25mcg

    and run a ECA stack on the 15 days that are with out clen..

    the only thing that im worries me are the dosages of T3 since it can mess up my tyhroid and i'll end up taking it for the rest of my life.
    any comments will be greatly appriciated..

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    I don't like the bounce back I get from t3.


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    Just have a nice long taper down with the t3 and you should be fine. You got the general idea down. I don't want to go on a long post explaining how to cycle it, so just go to the educational threads, theres an in depth post about t3, and one on Clenbuterol . Good luck.

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    Dont forget to monitor your resting body temp throughout!

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