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    a past experience with nolvadex

    around last summer i was on enanthate and i realy thought i had estrogen symptoms i wasnt realy sure so just to be on the safe and pervent water i started splitting the pills in half taking 10 mg during the day and 10 mg at night.. after a couple of days i had this unexplained sore throat.. i was feeling very weak and aweful even my eyes were hurting from light lol... i decided to stop using nolva then all of a sudden the next day im fine feeling much better.

    honestly 20 mg a day should be a peice of cake.. but for me it was hell. i duno y. are you supposed to feel those effects if you have no estrogen symptoms that the drug doesnt know what to do in your body? or am i just one sensitive bitch to it? i hope l-dex is less potent then nolva is.. coz im planning on running that instead of nolva next time.

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    I'm not trying to hijack your thread, but I had a very similar experience with paper d-bol.....I got strep throat...went to the meds...took for 2 weeks...throat got worse...stopped paper bol and antibiotics.....throat got better in 2 days! I know the bol was real too, I just didnt react well to it. But I freakin liked the muscle/strngth effects.....I may try liquid bol in my next cycle.


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