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    The reason you need to run it with test is because you'll get a limp noodle wothout it. Run a cycle like 400mg test and 200mg deca your first time around and you'll be good. Of course you need anti-e's and pct.

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    Run a TEST only cycle first time out...... Deac shuts you down hard and can make recovery hard you don't want that first time out...... also you never ran any AS before so how do you know how you will react to the test and if sides come up where they are comming from?

    About fakes............ you always have that chance of getting bunk gear.... you will need to do you homework so that you can identify fakes from the real thing.

    Here's a cycle to run:

    1 - 10 Enan 500mg
    1 - 12 Nolva 10mg ED (anti-e SERM)
    1 - 12 L-dex .25mg ED (anti-e AI)

    Start PCT 2 weeks after last injection:
    Day 1 300mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva / .25mg L-dex
    Day 2 - 21 100mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva / .25mg L-dex
    Day 22 - 28 20mg Nolva / .25mg L-dex

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    Yah, Mud pretty much hit in my opinion. Run a test only cycle. Try that out first. I concur with his opinions.

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