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Thread: stack question

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    stack question

    I have 6 sustanon 250 and 9 deca -durabolin 1mil and 40 each of tamoxifen 20 mg and clomiphene citrate 50mg. How should I stack it? when should I cycle them in and how much? Do I need anything else? Thanks

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    you don't have nearly enough deca or sustanon but plenty of clomid. do some searchs and look up sustanon cycles or newbie cycles. Sustanon is hard on a newbie because you have to inject at least every 3 days for your blood levels and 750 mg a week of test for a newbie is a bit much.

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    just like ChefJ said you need more gear..
    I myself would save the sustanon and use enanthate for a first cycle two bottles should be enough..
    Also what mg/ml is the deca ..I presume its 200mg..
    youll prolly want at least 9 more deca

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