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    6 month cyle looking for some info

    Im 23 years old, 6'4, 235lbs........ ive been in the gym for about 7 years. In which 4 of them have been serious lifting years. I started Test200 when i was 18 and iv been off and on test/sust ever sense. maybe 4 or 5 cycles every once in a while. Ive doen the deca thing, and some primo's but never long enough to see results.When doing the test i was running close to 750 mg a week and iv been doing that for about 4 months now.No anti e's, nothing for the water weight! I took clomid about 2 months ago when i was trying to get off the sust and that was it. My steriod experience hasn't gone farther than that.
    What i want to do is try and get off the test for now and figure out an awsome cycle! doing just test i got bigger but it was not real lean muslce! i felt big but not in shape. what i want is to get back to normal and clean my body out and in a couple of months get back to a good cycle. maybe a senior that knows his **** or if some one has any suggestion;s on how to get off all this test and get regular...

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    Ok, I'll lend my personal experience since I was on for a good year straight and have been off for 6 months... starting back up again, but anyway... First off I don't believe the standard 300/100/50 is long enough PERSONALLY... I maintain the 50mg of clomid for at least 60 days along with 20mg of nolva running right along with it. I also used 10 or 20mg of proviron ... don't remember exact but it was only 1 pill, prolly 20mg.... I kickstarted it all off with... now this is how I did it and it worked for me and my blood tests prove it... 5000iu hcg same week as your last shot, 2500iu hcg the next week, 1500iu hcg 2 weeks after your last shot and then 1000iu hcg 3 weeks after... it worked that I did my last shot of hcg the same week I started the clomid/nolva/proviron and I continued that for 60 days. Longer PCT will not hurt and may even blunt an estrogen rebound... I had gone over this plan with the DOC on here (our newest medical mod) and after I completed the PCT I waited 3 weeks before I had my blood tested and I came in around 300 which is normal range. I've had my blood tested since (cause I also get an HRT script from when my body was supressed) by my regular doc.
    As for putting together a 6 month cycle, the only advise I can give you is stay off for a good 6 months and let your receptors have a break. Right now they are so saturated that you would have to use heavy doses just to see any results and IMO not worth it. Always change up the gear your using every 10-12 weeks so your body doesn't get too used to it and I'd say use some hcg every 6 weeks just to wake up your balls... this worked for me and I had 2 seperate doctors confirm it so that's how I did it, and as a plus my doc still thinks I'm on HRT and writes me scripts LOL!!

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