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Thread: gear and women

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    gear and women

    hi guys.. don't know if any of the "older" people may have gravitated here from or the sites are both down. Its been a while since I've posted on any kind of forum containing AS. I have some information for the guys that did know Trim14 and me. Something happened to us. We just lost a child to SIDS and Dr's are saying that it could be linked to all the gear we did in the past. I'm not ANTI- GEAR, been there, done that.. just trying to get in touch with some older members so that i can give them a link we made for our son. Don't wanna post it here. I remember the juviniles that were associated with the other sites and don't want our son to be a joke for youngsters who have nothing better to do then pick... anyway... email addy is... Michelle

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    im sorry to hear that....

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    Man I am terribly sorry to hear that bro.
    It really makes you step back from everything and put things in perspective and what is truly important in life...God Bless you bro

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    I am so sorry

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    I am very, very sorry, God Bless both of you.
    I realize you are past the Gear/Anti-Gear thing from what you wrote, but if I can, let me add that in the last 15 years I have had 2 freinds lose their beloved child to SIDS, and neither one of them knew a thing about Gear - Never touched it at all. MAybe the Medical world has made ground on this, but as of about 7 years ago, from what I remember when my last freind that was delt that hand was experiencing this, the Doctors still didn't really know what exactly brings it on, so it's my belief that you did nothing at all to endanger your child. I hope none of this is offensive in any way, just the opposite is my intent.
    May God Bring you total healing.

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    That's terrible... God Bless you both. I hope the Lord has a plan for you and in the future this will all come together and help you grow spiritually.

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