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Thread: Injections

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    I am currently on my 3rd week of a 7 week cycle of Primateston and Cypionate -my first ever cycle. Unfortunately every glute injection I've had has been EXTREMELY painful. My glutes will hurt for 4-5 days afterwards and sitting is painful, squats are unbearable. I have all my injections done by a trainer friend if mine who had done over 100 injections on himself and even more on countless others. I dont think a nerve is being hit because the pain is only comes around 8-10 hours later. No more than 2 cc are injected in each cheek. I'm taking a total of 4 cc a week. My @ss is extremely lean and I think that may be a major factor in it. On sunday I had my glutes shot with 2 cc of cypionate and my delt shot with 2 cc of primatest. The delt shot was no more painful than a flu shot but I was told you dont want to inject more than 2cc in each arm every other week. Ultimately I'm looking for alternate locations to inject that are LOW pain. I was told that a quad shot is UNBEARABLE. Any tips.

    BTW-I've gained 12 pounds, put and inch and a half on my arms, lost an inch on my waist, put 2 inches on my chest, and an inch each on my quads and calves-I'M LOVING IT!!

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    Primoteston is going to cause pain, due to the Test Propionate content. Although the pain should not be unbearable, more of a serious irratation. It sounds like you have someone knowledgable administering the injections. What I don't understand is someone that knowledgable I would think would mix the injections. In other words 1cc of Cyp (which should be relatively pain free, unless of course it is Ttokkyo) with 1cc Primoteston. Spread the injections of Propionate out from the perspective of pain and ester life. Propionate is fairly quick acting in and out. Usual injections are EOD. In your case I would spread the Primoteston out to Sunday and Wednesday injects.
    I would never inject 2cc of anything containing propionate in my delts, the soreness would screw up my workouts... I personally try to keep prop, sust, injects to the glutes only, much more bearable than delts, quads, tri's, or bi's.

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