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    Question Anadrol or d bol to kick start????

    My goals for my next cycle are strength and size but with a quality muscle mass. Here is my cycle and i am wondering what the best way to kick start it would be with either anadrol ( more strength but seems to loose too much weight???) or d bol ( less side effects keep more of gains???)

    wk 1-12 test 600 mg shots m/t
    wk 1-10 deca 400 mg shots m/t
    wk 1-3 anadrol 50 mg ed
    wk 4 anadrol 75-100 mg ed
    1-4 d bol 25 mg ed
    wk 7-12 winny 50 mg ed
    or wk 9-14 winny 50 mg ed (idea comes from being able to start pct day after finishing)
    pct clomd nolva proviron

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    What are your stats...I don't see the need for anadrol for people who are under the drol for when 50mgs of d-bol don't do much, as far as all the hype about losing everything after stopping drol is a myth!!!'ll lose water just like stopping all AAS, keeping gains depends on proper pct.

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