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    Clearing D-BOL tabs.

    Hello guys,
    I'm a pro athlete in a reasonable high level and I will start running a short cycle of low dosage of D-BOL tabs.
    Only 3 weeks at 5 mg/day(because I simply don't have time enough).

    I have exactly 8 weeks for my I.O.C drug test after my last intake.Will I be safe from methandrostenolone metabolites in 8 weeks?

    I know for you guys this cycle and dosage sounds RIDICULOUS but in my sport and in my level,just a little improvement is a very BIG DEAL and I also read that D-BOL gives a good power improvements even in a very low doses.

    I also read that short cycle and low oral doses are the best for faster clearance.

    I know in EVERY detection time rate that is posted in many steroid sites I could find" ORAL DIANABOL - 5 WEEKS(Clearance)" but they are old and considering the accurated new technique of metabolites detection of WADA(anti-doping agency) I could not get any reliable information if I'll be safe after 8 weeks of this short cycle.

    I'll really apreciate any kind of help!

    By the way...where I live I don't have access to Test.Propionate ,that would be my best shot!

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    up an ass
    you are right in one aspect only bro, the fact that the cycle is ridiculous, even if you were saying 20mg a day, i would say its ridiculous, i wonder what exactly is it that makes you think you will get "a small gain" from this cycle? dont mean to be funny, but if you had done some reading up and had some understanding of juice, you wouldnt even be considering this. You will not be happy, or at all satisfied with what you get out of it, in fact, 1 5mg tab per day, you might as well take 1 aspirin or paracetomol per day, it will have the same effect


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    ..just do some creatine and train hard.. ..Hey Jason...did you get my pm??

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    Yea 5 mg a day is really a watse of your time and your money. Get some test and lots more dbols so you can do at least 50mg ed for at least 4 weeks and cycle that with some enan, cyp,,etc any test.


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