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    Short Oral Cycle

    I understand the importance of injectables and the harshness orals have on your liver.

    What my question is what kind of strength gains to expect. Also, I think anavar should help me keep gains from the d-bol. WIll use clomid after. But just wondered what you guys thought.

    D-Bol=50mgs day
    Anavar=30mgs day

    Clomid after, 50-100-50 three weeks.

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    Steve is offline Associate Member
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    can not say for sure coz ive never used an oral on its own. If taken with test and/or deca the stength gains are awsome. I would imagine it will make u stronger but i dont know if u would keep it after u stopped the d/bol

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    Tackle I've been thinking of trying an oral cycle only first to "get my feet wet". I wanted to see how my body responds first and do not want to put on that much mass, maybe 10lbs. But I thought 2 orals together are real bad. I was thinking Avavar at 40grams/day for 6 weeks and then seeing how I responded and going from there.

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    How long are you planning on running this cycle? IMHO anyway, that's a lot of Dbol /day. I have never tried anything like this, only read reccommendations that suggested 35-40mgs/day of dbol to be good for a normal cycle.

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    Well, I was thinking of running that for 4 weeks. THe D-Bol is *****'s D-bol and it comes in 50 mg tabs. I could change something around. But what I'm wondering is does anybody know about gains. Or keeping them. I read that the var will help keep gains and with clomid you can keep 100% of the strength. What do u guys think?

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    my understanding is that dbol gains are minimal at best and keeping it even with a bridge or even clomid does not help much

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    oral only cycles are a waste of your time and money, they are mainly used as kickstarters especially dbol , to get you more strength as you wait for the test and protein synthesis activator to work.
    research your options... test is the way to go for any cycle... add eq and/or deca and you have it made... add dbol for a kickstart and you are on your way.... training, diet, motivation, sleep --- if all these are in place you will gain the gains you want and trust me you WONT be disappointed.
    with oral only cycles you often lose the majority of your gains... with test/deca cycle and clomid post theraoy you can keep the majority of your gains.
    good luck
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