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    If you had unlimited effedrine...

    If you had an unlimited supply of effedrine. What would you prefer for fat burning? A legal burner (Hydroxycut, Ripped Fuel, etc.) or the ECA stack? Or clen ??

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    Spyder Guest
    Clenbuterol is my favorite ... but its on & off for two weeks with an ECA. I take clen for two, then Hydroxycut for two thru-out my cycle.

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    I think most everyone is going to pick Clen .

    As far as Hydroxycut verse ECA...I'd love to hear what people have to say. I use hydroxycut, but I bet ECA would run cheaper??

    Don't flame me...Yeah, i better do my research before I ask any further questions.

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    yea eca is much cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackman
    yea eca is much cheaper.
    i had stocked up on stacker 3 when it was like $22 a bottle and that **** gives me better results than any previous version of xenadrine or hydroxycut for twice less the price.

    i have heard good things from some bros who have started using xenadrine NRG, however i don't think these mainstream products are worth the price for the results they usually give me

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