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Thread: Tired?

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    Unhappy Tired?

    Well, I stuck my self for the first time this monday. I took 300mg of tokyo deca . I 'm gonna start 50mg winny EOD, in 2 wks. I am also eating 400 grams of protein and 4,500 calories every day. I know with all this Im supposed to be sleeping more too so i get more out of it, but it seems that throughout the day I have been alot more tired than usuall. Do you guys experience this too? My buddy is eating the same and he is taking 20mg of D-Bol ED and 1/2gram of Aratest once a week, and he is also experiencing the same tiredness. We're not sure if its b/c of the juice or just being back at school and having to wake up early again. All comments welcomed thanks. Peace.

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    Hey bro I feel your pain.. I also started back to school and I am dead all day.. I think it's having to adjust to getting up early.. I feel like crap for a few weeks when I change my sleep patterns. But, I guess it could be something else.. Just thought I'd give my .02.


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    What you are expiriencing is blood sugar lavel flactuations. Because you eat a lot of carbs to achive your 4,500 cal a day, after every meal your blood sugar goes up, your body releses insulin , your blood sugar goes down, and You feel tired. You can eat low glycimic carbs and that will help, add a little bit a fat (preferable Flaxseed oil) to your meals which will slow down the digestion, and fiber will do the same also helping out.
    Good Luck i hope this helps you out a bit. My 2 cents.

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