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    Question D-Bol Test En and PCT When

    WHats up guys,
    I just started on a dbol test en cycle and was curious what would be the best pct and when to start this is my first cycle and im real excited. I know somebody going to tell me to read around but every one tells me somehtin different and if anyone has tried this stack before can you please tell me what pct to use, clomid. hgc, etc. I have everything readily available and if someone could give a newbie some info it would be greatly appreciated

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    clomid 2 weeks after your last enth shot.........what does your complete cycle look like>

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    clomid start 2wks past last test shot:
    300mg day 1
    100mg 10 days
    50mg 10 days
    nolva ed 10-20mg throughout cycle and PCT...
    this info is easily found if you do a search- not flaming you, but you should know everything you can before jumping into something like this..

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