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    cycle time take a look

    im starting a new cycle with

    test 250 monday/friday 500mg wk-- 12 weeks
    deca 300 monday 300mg wk--10 weeks
    anadrol 50mg ed--4 weeks
    novandax 20mg ed--thoughout cycle
    clomid 50--Start two weeks after test finish.

    Does this cycle look ok?

    I want to start another cycle of the same products later. How long should i wait untill i start again.

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    looks nice bro... good researchch

    time on= time off... thats a nice rule of thumb

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    have you cycled before?

    even for a second cycle the anadrol is going to be overwhelming, so i would save it for another future cycle.

    i would sub in d-bol instead and see how you react since the sides from the 'drol will be slightly more pronounced.

    otherwise, the deca /test proportions are fine and you seem to know what you are doing with the nolva and your PCT w/the clomid.

    as a general rule, time on = time off, especially if something like this shuts you down, as deca notoriously does to many.

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    you will blow up big time from the drol and i would bump up to 100mgs/day of it if you dont have bad sides from it. nolva will help some bloat but not that much from the drol!

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    i would inject 250mg test and 150mg deca monday morning and again on Thursday night, that spreads it out more evenly, 3.5 days in between each dose, but i'm anal

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