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    Question about liver enzymes...

    My workout partner just went to the doc for his yearly physical and had his bloodwork done. he had 1 slightly elevated liver enzyme which was no big deal until he told his doc he was juicin and the doc flipped out. he's a family practice doctor so IMO doesn't know shit about gear...My partner has been off-cycle for 10 weeks now and wants to get started again bfore too long. So, here's a couple questions...

    1. Will clomid or creatine affect your enzyme levels?

    2.It was his 30th birthday 4 days before the bloodwork was taken and he was drinking alcohol. Could that be the problem?

    3. I told him to drink alot of water and take some milk thistle and retake his blood work in 3 weeks. Will that be long enough for level to return to normal?

    4. How about Alpha Lipoic Acid? I gotta get my boy rollin, I hate cyclin by myself...

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    buddy , no drug will bring down your liver enzymes ok !only beeing off the juice will for a period of time..

    liver enzymes are elevated due to heavy dosages of steroids causing stress on the liver...... processing effect...

    it can be faital if they are elevated way above...!

    and your doc can't say shit its called client confidentiality you can sue his ass if he rats on you!

    he can try some primrose oil to eleviate the stress on the liver.

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